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Making the Call: The First PolySwarm Arbiter part 2

  • 2018-12-17
  • Ben de Graaff & Menno Brendeke
Find out how we cast our vote and settle bounties. Part two in our series on our PolySwarm arbitership takes a closer look at the technical side of it all.

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Making the Call: The First PolySwarm Arbiter

  • 2018-11-27
  • Ben de Graaff & Jurriaan Bremer
Hatching has integrated Cuckoo Sandbox as the first Arbiter of PolySwarms threat intelligence marketplace. This is the first in a series of three blog posts on our PolySwarm Arbitership.

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LNK HTA Polyglot

  • 2018-11-12
  • Alwin Peppels
A little while ago, we came across an interesting attack vector using a polyglot LNK/HTA delivery mechanism We were interested to see how it would fare under Cuckoo, so we built one and ran it through the analysis.

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