More Excel 4.0 XLM Extraction



This week we’re back with more information on XLM (Excel 4.0) Macros, and our progress on extracting these automatically during Triage analysis. If you haven’t already read our first blogpost on this subject, you can check that out here.

As usual once we started digging into the subject we rather fell down the rabbit hole, finding a whole host of ways in which XLM macros are being leveraged maliciously. In last week’s post we covered what could be considered the more straightforward types of XLM macros and demonstrated Triage’s new extractor. Today we have released an update for this, adding support for a range of additional XLM macro-enabled Office documents.

Overall, quite a lot has been happening in the space of XLM-enabled macro documents. Read on below for examples of these files and links to relevant Triage analyses!

Latest in XLM macros

Some samples have started using encrypted Office documents, a technique that has been discussed for several years already. Primarily, these encrypted documents make static analysis tools like Yara rules harder, but after decryption it’s the same old game.

Here is an example analysis from one of the files discussed in the blogpost:

Some XLM documents have started activating on specific days or, more accurately, deactivating after the intended distribution date.

For these cases we’ve implemented a rather basic “day recovery” mechanism that automatically resolves the correct day, and thus encryption key, and extracts the formulas from there. For example -

Another feature that’s not “ideal” about this document is the fact that it dynamically crafts the formula to be executed, but then this formula includes a reference to the URL (for URLDownloadToFileA) in R1C1 notation. In other words, the XLM parser and interpreter need to be highly aware of its surrounding cells.

Continuing forward on that topic, more recent samples have started adding the document and cell properties (such as “amount of rows”, “amount of columns”, “font size”, etc) as input variables for the encryption key. See also the following tweet with accompanying analysis.

Our analysis on

Future Work

We’re currently looking into a couple of other, new XLM Macro capabilities employed since today and yesterday. E.g., embedding XLM macros in Office 2007+ documents.

Some IoCs

Following are a bunch of new IoCs based on public submissions to as well as our own, continuous research.

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    355 hxxp://fcowhcwsb[.]space/erg4ewr1
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    136 hxxps://merystol[.]xyz/6ng688x8
    136 hxxps://cdncloudtech[.]xyz/deg34g
    130 hxxps://emmnebuc[.]xyz/SDVJKBsdkhv1
    129 hxxps://cdncloudtech[.]xyz/bag4hy
    122 hxxps://doolised[.]xyz/DSBVhsdv78f
    120 hxxps://pnxkntdl[.]xyz/KJSDBViad7
    111 hxxp://wrjmkdod[.]xyz/KDHBVsd7v8
     99 hxxps://fbknuele[.]pw/ajt1eg4fh3a
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Every day we’re seeing more and newer XLM document variants being released and we’re making sure to properly handle and detonate all of those in Triage.

We’re doing our very best to be on top of all of these techniques and to show you the results in a high-level manner. After all, it is our goal with Hatching Triage to make automated malware analysis easy, simple, and affordable to use.

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