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Cybersecurity specialists focused on malware sandboxing.


About Hatching

We are Hatching - Cybersecurity Specialists.

We are a dedicated team with a big ambition: delivering the best sandboxing solution possible. Through Hatching Triage we help enterprise security teams and security service providers to keep their end-users protected from external threats.

Why Hatching?

Leading in developing sandboxing technology.

Hatching is led by Jurriaan Bremer and has a longstanding history in developing and supporting the open-source Cuckoo Sandbox project. Since 2018 we've been leveraging these years of experience for developing our own, modern, high-volume sandbox: Hatching Triage.


Dutch company

Privately owned, Dutch company.

Hatching is privately owned and based close-by Amsterdam, the Netherlands and governed by stringent national and European standards on privacy and security.

Laser focus

We do one thing only, and that’s sandboxing.

This means that developing our sandbox is always our top priority. It also means we're not interested in reselling our customers' malware samples. What's yours remains yours.

Very flexible

The computer might say no, but we don't.

We can adapt our solutions quickly because of our compact organization size and flat organization structure. So, even if something isn’t possible out of the box, we make it work.

We are specialists.

You will always talk to somebody that understands security.

Our customers have specific needs when it comes to protecting their companies’ data or improving their security solutions. That's why we make sure our customers talk to the right people straight away. Specialists who understand what you are looking for.

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It's all about teamwork.

Developing a malware sandbox requires a multidisciplinary team.

At Hatching, we have all the expertise needed to build a malware sandbox in-house. There is close collaboration required between our core and backend developers, malware analysts and reverse engineers, and our designers and front-end developers to bring about solutions like Triage.

Meet our team

Jurriaan Bremer


Ben de Graaff


Kristian Stam


Ricardo van Zutphen

Lead Engineer

Koen Houtman

Creative Director

Vincent Schut

Frontend Developer

Nikolaos Totosis

Malware Analyst

Pete Cowman

Malware Analyst

Evert Kors


van Gijzen

Backend Developer

van Veen

Backend Developer


Backend Developer




Low Level Engineering Boi


Malware Analyst

And this...

Could be you!

Our Solutions

One goal, two solutions.

We want to offer our customers the best sandboxing solution for their use case. Do you require the flexibility and control that comes with the open-source Cuckoo Sandbox? Or are you looking for the ease of use, scalability, and performance of our proprietary Hatching Triage sandbox?

Check our solutions

Choose from three levels of

Cuckoo Support

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is great but complex. Get support and custom development from the experts.

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Hatching Triage

Our new, scalable and high-performance sandbox. Your next favorite tool in your cybercrime toolbox.

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Matching Hatching?

We are always looking for new talent.

As a rapidly growing software development company, Hatching is always looking for new talent. If you have experience in malware analysis, reverse engineering, kernel development or great Go/Python development skills, then we almost certainly have a job for you!

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