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Hatching: Partners in Automated Malware Analysis

Hatching is the driving force behind most of the developments in Cuckoo Sandbox. We take pride in developing and maintaining various Open Source projects in order to improve the security community as a whole.

Besides contributing to Cuckoo Sandbox, Hatching offers proprietary sandboxing solutions like Hatching Triage. Hatching Triage is designed to analyze large amounts of malware every day, which makes it the ideal solution for MSSPs, SOARs and CERTs.

Our Solutions

We deliver multiple solutions to enhance your malware analysis capabilities. Our solutions range from basic Cuckoo Sandbox Support to outsourcing various CERT/SOC/MSSP team roles.
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We are always looking for new Hatchineers, so have a look at our current vacancies or drop us an open application if you think you should become the latest addition to our team.
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Read up on all the Hatching-related news, as well as our blogposts. New blogpost are added regularly, so keep an eye out. Any news you want to share? Let us know!
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